Year-End Functions

Host the perfect year-end office party and choose from a variety of options to complete and showcase your theme. We have you covered with our set of essentials, from table decor ideas, to chairs, linen, cutlery, crockery and glasses for guests’ toasts, 

Celebrate the year’s highlights with a themed office party!

End the year off on the right note with a get-together to remember. Whether your function’s theme involves James Bond, The Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge, a Hollywood twist, The Roaring 20s, or even an 80s Footloose feel, we have a range of options for hire to curate your creative corporate function. 


Event Size

The size of your year-end function is an important consideration because it can often determine what you’ll need to hire to pull-off a successful year-end event.

Small events

Intimate get-togethers are ideal for smaller businesses or for your specific division to celebrate the end of a good year. Smaller events in more relaxed, intimate settings can often require hiring things you don’t have available at the office or in a small hall.

You might consider sticking with a loose-fitting approach rather than a theme, and styling your office to look warm and inviting with lights to provide a twinkle for the atmosphere.

Smaller venues, won’t have much on hand to host a party your colleagues will love. So, hiring the right chairs, tables, cutlery, crockery, as well as decorative items to bring your theme to life is really important to make sure your year-end party is a success.                                                                                                                                                                                      

small party at the office with drinks and snacks

For an intimate office party, could dress the office up a little bit by hiring candlesticks & lanterns to add light and ambiance, under-plates for a touch of elegance at the table, or even just porcelain platters for serving light snacks along with some drinks.

Usually, the office won’t have such a great selection of glasses. Make sure you’re covered and hire some Classic wine and Cocktail glasses, so everyone can enjoy their favourite drink to toast to the end of a good year.

Large events

Events held in large venues are best suited for a company-wide year-end function rather than for a single department. Larger events held in a venue, such as a conference hall, will have different kinds of aspects that need to be catered for.

You also have the opportunity to hire the right furniture and decorations to suit an engaging theme. This can be great if you want your guests to dress up and become a part of the feel of your event. It’s also a stunning way to build an inclusive and fun atmosphere that will last all evening-long!

Often, larger venues have access to some of the basics, such as tables, chairs and a few sets of silverware. This is a good start, but it’s not enough to manage a flawless year-end corporate function.

larger style event with plenty of people in the hall

So, you’ll probably end up ordering extra glassware to suit your guests drink choices, equipment such as urns for housing hot water, electric hot trays, heaters, and even linen to provide a sleek foundation for your table settings.

But, it’s even more likely that decorative items will serve you best in terms of tying your theme or the style of your event together. For this, consider classy items  like Silver Under-plates, Gold menu stands, lanterns, novelty cutlery or even a Round Gold Cake Stand for displaying your cake, should you choose to order one for your event.


Event Style & Entertainment

The style and kind of entertainment you may be looking to have at your event is important for the layout of your venue, the furniture you hire and of course the decor you could choose to tie your theme together and create an engaging experience for your guests!


Events with a clever theme create a fun and engaging atmosphere for the guests at your year-end event. However, crafting this atmosphere can take some serious work, as you match the vision for your theme with fitting colours, furniture, tableware, decorations and entertainment.

The hard-work, however, doesn’t come without a reward. Themed events can be really vibrant, as guests dress up to suit your theme, matching colours and wearing interesting outfits that spark quirky conversations and lots of laughs. It brings a sense of camaraderie to your event, where everyone feels included and caught up in the energy of the evening.

Deciding on a theme can be tricky, but there are plenty out there. You could go classic with a Hollywood spin and deck your venue out with classy, striking decor and your guests could wear lavish dresses and crisp, tailored suits. Or you could even incorporate popular culture into your event, with a Game of Thrones theme, as an example, and match vintage furniture and decor to match the feel of a medieval theme.

themed event with blue decor and furniture

An event with a black tie theme might require Black and White linen, Silver Under-plates and candlesticks, whereas a Great Gatsby theme may call for glitzy decor, furniture and tableware. Items like Gold Menu Stands, Geometric Lanterns for light & ambiance, and striking silverware would fit a more glamorous approach.

With less focus on style and more on substance, your venue probably won’t have cooking and catering equipment. So, to make sure your guests are satisfied at your event, hire our Industrial Ovens, Electric Chip Fryers, Flat Top Grills, Microwaves, Carvery Units, Coffee Peculators and Water Urns for storing plenty of hot water.

A range of glassware is always a good idea to make sure your guests are able to enjoy their favourite beers, wines and cocktails. We have Classic Red and White wine glasses, Beer glasses and cocktail glasses for serving Mojitos, Gin & Tonics, and even Martinis.

Casual or a Loose Fitting Theme

You might find a casual get-together with a loose fitting theme for your year-end office party better suits your style. This kind of party could involve decorating the with a fun, laid-back feel in mind.

Casual year-end parties are great because they don’t ask too much of your guests or your host, and it’s easier to tailor a small room to look really classy and inviting. Dressing up your office space can be such a nice contrast to what everyone expects everyday and adding fairy lights, plain or patterned linen, stunning silverware and candles to bring light & ambiance to your tables, can make such a huge impression.

If dressing up an office space isn’t part of your plan, well, we’re all a bit partial to a braai and casual conversation. In a nice setting like a beautiful back garden or with the sand between your toes on the beach, this could also be a fantastic way to enjoy drinks and snacks with colleagues as the sun sets.                                                                                                                                                     

casual party on the beach

For this kind of outdoor event, you would need large Gas Braais, glasses, portable tables & chairs, like our Plastic Fold-up table and Deli or Wimbledon chairs, platters for serving snacks, and dishes for keeping cooked food warm for your guests’ second helping.

Casual parties are always a lot of fun with their relaxed atmosphere, as people chat and share stories from the year while enjoying drinks and snacks. However, without the right glasses your guests could struggle to enjoy their drinks, and it could dampen the spirit of the evening.

Hire Beer Glasses, Classic Wine Glasses, Highball Glasses and a choose from a range of cocktail glassware to serve your guests their favourite alcoholic or soft drinks at the year-end office party. 


Year-end Alternative Activities

If you’re not so keen on organising a large year-end event, pick an activity the office can enjoy together. Whether it’s indoors or outside, there are plenty of activities to choose from to bring your company’s year-end to a memorable close!

A Wine Tasting Trip

Living in Cape Town means you have access to several different wine regions offering group tastings, stunning views and a perfect way to celebrate the end to a year of hard work together.

You could book at a number of different wine estates along different scenic routes, such as the Stellenbosch Wine Route, the Durbanville Wine Route, the Helderberg Wine Route or Franschhoek which even offers a unique Wine Tram experience.

group drinking red wine at a winefarm in the cape town winelands

Group Kayaking

With such stunning open waters at your fingertips, why not choose to book a kayak tour? It’s a fun way to get the office into the fresh-air and enjoy the sounds of lapping water and picturesque views.

You can even paddle while penguins swim alongside you in Simon’s Town, or while you watch a full-moon rise behind the Hottentots Holland Mountains.

It’s a fun, cost effective way to get outdoors and take part in an experience you’ll talk about with colleagues well into next year. 

a group of friends kayaking in a lake together

Open Air Cinema Screening

Enjoying a film with friends and colleagues is always a nice way to spend an evening. But, a good movie alone won’t cut it for a year-end corporate function, you also need a stunning setting to elevate the experience.

You could book for your company and enjoy an outdoor movie night under the stars. It’s casual enough of an event to be appreciated by almost anyone (especially with drinks and snacks involved!).

Have fun! Create your own video or slideshow to share on the big screen and celebrate the highlights of the year, before picking the evening’s film screening. 

outdoor cinema event

A Murder Mystery Party

Everyone in the office is likely to enjoy a bit of mystery! And what’s a better secret to ponder than who the killer within your group could be?

Many companies offer this kind of engaging evening which is well-reviewed and highly enjoyable as you follow the clues that lead to the murderer. It’s a great game to play around the table, accompanied by delicious drinks, snacks and plenty of laughs with colleagues as your work your way towards solving the puzzling mystery.


Event Location

The location of your event will influence what you’ll need to hire to cater for your guests, whether you’re hosting an event indoors or outside. It’s also a fundamental part to setting up the look and feel for your year-end function.

Indoor Events

There’s a lot you can do indoors with a great venue. It’s perfect for setting up a variety of themes and renting the right venue can set you up for success!

You can put up a stage and screen for reviewing the year’s highlights, giving speeches and a place for the evening’s entertainment – should you choose to hire a live band, comedian or a variety of other performers for a larger scale event.

You need somewhere with enough space for all of your guests, and a venue that can be styled to suit your theme and approach. Larger venues often have standard chairs and long tables, but you’ll need a lot more to bring your theme to life and cater for your guest list.                                                          

event held indoors

That being said, smaller indoor venues will likely have less furniture and equipment to work. So, you’ll need to ensure you’ve hired enough tables, chairs and glassware for your guests.

Decor is also a vital to emphasizing the theme and style of your event. For the table, at events like cocktail parties or venues with a Great Gatsby inspired theme, you might consider Silver and Dotted Under-plates with a beaded rim, Silver/Gold Menu and Table Number Stands, candlesticks and candelabras to shed light on your table settings and add some ambiance.

Although some venues may have some standard silverware, you’ll still need plenty of equipment from Mushroom Heaters, to platters for snacks and dishes for housing hot food. You might also need a sleek bar for serving drinks, like the White Versa Bar, Ice Buckets for keeping bottles cool and even Wine Cooler Stands for serving guests their wine table-side.

Outdoor Events

Hosting an outdoor event for your year-end function is a lovely way to get your colleagues outside in the fresh air, while enjoying activities and casual conversation.

Organising an outdoor event can be a challenge. Often, it requires a lot of equipment to set up a party outside, especially if you’re looking to provide hot meals, snacks and cold drinks to guests and find ways to bring the overall theme and purpose of your event to life with decorative touches.

Right off the bat, a good place to start might be hiring Gazebos and a Gas Braai Bundle if you’re planning on cooking outside, on the day, and need a way to stay out of the sun. You’ll also need plenty of crockery, like plates for main courses and platters for snacks, cutlery, and also Chafing Dishes for keeping delicious meals warm.                                                                 

outdoor event with a group by the lake

For this kind of outdoor event, you would need large Gas Braais, glasses, portable tables & chairs, like our Plastic Fold-up table and Deli or Wimbledon chairs, platters for serving snacks, and dishes for keeping cooked food warm for your guests’ second helping.

Casual parties are always a lot of fun with their relaxed atmosphere, as people chat and share stories from the year while enjoying drinks and snacks. However, without the right glasses your guests could struggle to enjoy their drinks, and it could dampen the spirit of the evening.

Hire Beer Glasses, Classic Wine Glasses, Highball Glasses and a choose from a range of cocktail glassware to serve your guests their favourite alcoholic or soft drinks at the year-end office party.     


Emphasise fun at your Year-End Event

With all the preparation, from picking venues to styling your event with stunning decor and furnishings, it’s important to note that a vibrant energy at any kind of year-end event you’re hosting is the element your guests will remember for months to come!

Whether you’re looking to host a large or small scale event, with a fun theme or something more casual with a laid-back atmosphere, in an indoor venue or a rustic, outdoor setting, make sure you have everything you need and try to make the event your own.

Picture the way in which you’d like to style your venue, even if it’s just a small office space. Think of the lighting, the look and feel and how you can use colours and decor in the right places to really accentuate the type of atmosphere you’re providing for your guests.

For this kind of party, everyone is keen to end the year off on a good note, and enjoy casual conversation, some snacks and drinks and maybe some entertainment. It’s your choice whether to go all out with a large themed event, or keep things casual and create a relaxed feel for the end to a good work year.

You work with the people in your office every day, so use some of what you know to your advantage. Think of which drinks and snacks your guests might enjoy, or their favorite choice of entertainment. Maybe there’s an office anecdote that never seems to die, that you can tie into your theme to garner a few laughs and make everyone feel like they’re a part of the evening.

What’s most important to remember is that you’re going for something fun. An intimate or company-wide style event that will makes a bit of an impression. Something your guests can think back to during their Christmas break and think, “that was actually a really nice way to bring the year to a close”.

Get prepared and start hiring everything you need to make your end of year function special. We’ve listed some items below mentioned above to get your inspired and ready for what’s sure to be a great event!

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