Christmas Lunch Party Ideas

So it’s your turn to host the Christmas lunch party this year!

What a lovely time to spend with family and annoying uncles with an endless list of dietary requirements or a cousin that says “one glass of wine” actually means a wine glass that is constantly filled with wine throughout the day.

Here are 4 ideas for your special Christmas lunch party:

1. Create a Pinterest account, seriously

Pinterest is actually out-of-this-world cool. The number of ideas, styles, themes, and everything else under the Christmas tree can be found here… even those black Christmas trees that Trevor Noah has chatted about (view his Youtube clip here)

This is an example of what you can find on Pinterest for Christmas:

2. Play the PG13 Secret Santa game

Google defines this game as follows:

Guidelines are as follows:

  • At least 1 week before Christmas
    • Make a list of every guest attending the celebration in numbered order (1 to however many guests)
    • Write every person’s name on a piece of paper and chuck it into a hat (even a pot if you don’t have a hat)
    • For the 1st name you pick, assign the picked name to the 1st person on the numbered list
    • Keep going until you’ve assigned everyone
    • WAIT – what happens if you pick the same name as is on the numbered list? Just assign the picked name to the following person on the numbered list (duh)
    • Send out a message to each person, telling them who they have to buy a gift for
    • The price of the gift can be anything but is usually a set amount like R100 ($10)
  • On the day of Christmas
    • Every guest places the wrapped gift, marked with the recipient’s name (not their name, please), under the Christmas tree
    • Make sure no one is inspecting who places each gift down as it defeats the purpose of guessing who bought the gift
    • After a juicy gammon, everyone can find their name of the gift
    • The fun part is asking them to guess who bought the gift for them!

3. Play the PG16 Secret Santa game

WARNING: This game may ruin friendships or create unexpected alliances… it should be called Game of Thrones: Christmas Edition.

Guidelines are as follows:

  • Do the exact same as 2) above, EXCEPT:
  • On the day of Christmas, once everyone has found their gift
    • For the total number of guests, write every number (starting from 1) on a piece of paper and chuck it into a hat
    • Let everyone draw from the hat and the person with #1 starts, and so on
    • When it’s a person’s turn, they need to open their present, guess who gave it, and then decide:
      • 1) Do they keep their gift, or
      • 2) Do they exchange a previous person’s gift that has been opened already *dead silence*

4. Cook your meat with a lekker (really nice) gas braai

You might be thinking “I really don’t like cleaning up that flipping gas braai”. And the best thing about hiring a gas braai from here is that you don’t have to clean up anything. Just enjoy that juicy gammon!


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