What To Do On Valentines Day

The Romantic Meal for Two!

Valentine’s Day is the one day every year which we get the opportunity to express our love to our partner or family in the most extraordinary way.

The added pressure of Valentine’s day can often be a bit overwhelming; no need to panic and call the love doctor, we are here to make sure all goes well, stick with us and everything will be on point.

We believe in love going beyond the simple flower or chocolate buying and gift giving. Two people bonded by love deserve something more, something authentic, an experience that captivates their love for one another and one which they will look back on and remember.

Here are a couple of our recommendations on the best thing to do this Valentine’s day and some secret tips on how to pull them off.

Valentines Day Ideas

The Guide: The Romantic Meal for Two!

Tip 1 – Pick Your Location & Time:

Perhaps the place where you first met, the beach or your favourite park. An old time top choice is also to have it at home, after all, home is where the heart is. And for the more adventurous we suggest having a look at some of Cape Town’s most romantic spots.
The location will determine the setting and guide you in determining what you will need to bring along to set the scene. Pick the location you know both of you will feel the most comfortable and if you are one to avoid the Valentine’s day crowds, a great choice will always be to stick to the quieter, lessor known places.

Tip 2 – Choose What You Need:

Let’s all be honest, nobody enjoys the hassle of cleaning up dirty plates, glasses and cutlery the day after a special night. That’s why we suggest hiring the items, getting them delivered straight to your doorstep, as well as collected and cleaned when you are all done. Quick and simple!
Have a look at a few romantic décor items we can suggest for you: Décor for Valentines Day. Select some romantically suited linen, and a lovely table setting to match. Now gentlemen, don’t forget to add lots candles and some rose petals to spice up the atmosphere.

Remember to keep in mind the food and drinks you will be serving and hire your tableware accordingly.

Tip 3 – Choose Your Menu:

For those who will be treating their significant other with a “stay-at-home” meal there are, of course, your private chefs as well as an endless supply of delivery services to choose from, however, none of which can even compare to a hearty home-cooked meal.

As a famous chef once said: “the way to the heart is through the stomach”.

Have a look at the 19 Romantic dinner Ideas to get some inspiration to wow your partner! We also recommend making the cook-off a chance to get both of you involved and have fun with it.Valentines Day Ideas

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“Love does not make the world go around – it simply makes the ride worthwhile”.