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Fill in the estimate you have for you wedding budget & see where it goes!

A wedding is a massive milestone in anyone's life, and it's an occasion that involves months of meticulous planning, booking, hiring and.. stress.

Most often, this stress isn't all booking related, and couple's are often left feeling the burden of severe wallet strain when starting to tot up each and every minor and major wedding related expense.

Before you make the same mistake, use EHIRE's Wedding Budget Calculator to get an idea of what you're likely, and willing to spend, on different aspects of your wedding.

For a breakdown of planning the perfect wedding, from A to Z, with every finer detail included, check out EHIRE'sUltimate Wedding Checklist for 2020to help you every step of the way!

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Wedding Fashion, Makeup & Beauty

Ensure the bride and groom look amazing on their wedding day!

For the bride, include items such as her veil, wedding dress, bridal accessories, hairstyle, hairpiece(s), and a makeup artist for the wedding day.

For the groom, the most important item to keep in mind is his wedding day suit! Also, don’t forget about the finer details, such as tie, shoes, waistcoat, pocket square, and wedding blazer.

For both the bride and groom, it would be a good idea to align the choice of style for the big day with the bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen’s suits (in a subtle way).

A key attraction on the wedding day - the bride’s dream wedding dress! Caution, be prepared to shed a tear or two.


The bride’s veil and headpiece ties her wedding day ensemble together, and oozes sophistication.


For all of the wedding accessories like bridal underwear, a garter, shoes, jewellery, and so on.


Make sure the bride’s hair and makeup look enchanting on her wedding day.


Deck out the handsome groom from head-to-toe for his wedding day, including his suit, tie, shoes, waistcoat and wedding blazer.



Every memorable wedding has to be created with a variety of event items.

From decor and floral arrangements for the wedding ceremony and reception, right down to crockery, glassware and cutlery - tailor items to suit the theme of your wedding and the size of your guest list.

Make sure your wedding venue is styled to stun, and ensure your wedding day photos are unforgettable!

If you're struggling to find the right venue to host your wedding reception and ceremony, look at our pieceThe Best Wedding Venues in Cape Townfor some stunning ideas.

(We also have a variety of items you can hire to cater for your wedding day, from beginning to end. Visit ourhiring categoriesto view some options for your wedding.)

Hire an indoor or outdoor wedding venue to bring your dream wedding ceremony & reception to life.


Rent tables, chairs, carpets, lights, chair covers, candlesticks, a wedding cake stand and decorations tailored to suit the size of your wedding venue, theme and guest list.


Hire all the glasses and crockery you need to cater for your guests on your wedding day.


Structure your starters, main courses and desserts with this segment of the budget. Make sure to get a list of all dietary preferences in advance.


Get a wedding cake designed to celebrate the newly-wed couple. Pick between single tier, and multiple tiered wedding cakes.


Cater for thirsty guests on your wedding day. Choose to stock a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and make sure nobody feels left out!


Flowers tie your wedding theme together, and bring through an atmosphere of beauty and celebration. Hire a florist to create stunning floral arrangements for your wedding day.


Book accommodation for your wedding night, and decide whether just the bride and groom need somewhere to stay, or a portion of the wedding party too.



Hiring the right support to provide services for your wedding day can help you create a seamless experience for the bride, groom, and your guests.

Music and lighting can help you create a welcoming and lively atmosphere, and wedding photographers will help you capture every element of one of life’s largest milestones.

Other services and choices are simply essential, such as an officiant to ensure you can tie the knot at the altar on your special day, and picking wedding bands to symbolise your partnership.

A wedding planner might be one of the main services you consider, if you're seeking to relieve your wedding planning stress. Have a look at"What Does a Wedding Planner Do?"and"What's the cost of a wedding planner in South Africa"to help you make your decision.

Plan ahead and find your favoured wedding officiant to help you tie the knot. Place your deposit as early as possible, and ask your officiant to start planning your wedding ceremony.


What’s a wedding without photographs to capture those truly special moments? Wedding photographers and videographers create memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime.


A wedding without music and lighting would be very bland. Pick a playlist that you and your partner both enjoy, and lighting to suit your theme! Hire a wedding band, wedding DJ and/or wedding ceremony musicians to create even more atmosphere.


Remember to send your save-the-dates and wedding evites! Make sure your loved ones place a mark on their calendar to come and celebrate your wedding day. Also, keep wedding shower invites in mind too.


Wedding Rings & Gifts

This section comprises of the couples weddings rings and gifts - aside from the ones you will receive from your family and friends.

It’s time to choose the bride and grooms wedding bands for the wedding ceremony - so get sized with your partner at a jewellery shop and choose a style that’s symbolic for both of you.

Also, consider choosing tokens of appreciation for your bridesmaids and groomsmen for being alongside you and celebrating your special wedding day together. (You could use this as an opportunity to personalise gift packages for your bridal party or groomsmen, and emphasise a welcoming experience.)

For some suggestions when choosing wedding bands and wedding gifts, check outThe Ultimate Wedding Checklist for 2020.

Choose a wedding band for the bride, to be worn as your officiant announces you and your partner as “Husband and Wife!”


Don’t forget about the groom and his wedding band! Use this portion of the budget to the perfect ring for the wedding ceremony.


Add to the celebrations with a token gift for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Think of a wedding gift idea that will remain memorable for years to come.


Total Budget

It’s time to take a look at the total cost for creating the wedding day you’ve always imagined. If the price is too high,you can adjust different areas of the budget based on what is important to you. Remove certain aspects entirely, or simply focus your budget on what is crucial for your upcoming wedding.

Now that you’ve got an estimate for all of the elements of your wedding that are important to you, you might be looking for some ideas for hiring specific elements for your wedding. Some couples may decide to consult a wedding planner, whilst other couple’s may decide to forge ahead together and start their research online.

The good news is, that in both these scenarios we have resources that can help you prepare the perfect wedding - and a host of items for hire to help style your venue and cater for your loved ones.


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