Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQs before sending us a message.

What is your delivery charge?

We’ve worked hard to make our delivery fees 20% less, on average, compared to our industry. You simply pay per km from our nearest showrooms to your location*.

Remember, most businesses quote you exclusive of VAT, we quote inclusive of VAT so you have the true cost. #finally

We have two pricing windows based on when you order and when delivery is needed. For example: if you place an order today, for delivery in 3 or more days time, you’ll pay the lowest in the pricing tier as we can plan vehicles for you. If you need delivery within 1 day, your delivery price is higher so that we can guarantee a vehicle being available for you.

Standard Size Order Window > 48 Hours Order Window < 48 Hours
EHIRE CPT to Clifton 4th Beach (Atlantic Seaboard) R242 R331
EHIRE CPT to Constantia Village (Constantia) R265 R363
EHIRE CPT to Durbanville Hills (Durbanville) R285 R387
EHIRE STB to Cavalli Estate (Stellenbosch) R201 R276
EHIRE STB to Schonenberg (Somerset West) R291 R399
One Way Delivery Per KM R15.53 R21.20
*Minimum Delivery Amount R120 R180
What does it cost if I lose or break something I hire?

The price you hire our products for is calculated at a fraction of the actual purchase price. Every product has a  “replacement value” just in case you damage, lose or break it when hiring from us. This will be invoiced to you as a “shortage invoice” separate to your hiring invoice to ensure you have a clear breakdown. #transparency

To reduce the admin hassle of paying for a shortage invoice, we include a refundable shortage deposit. If your shortage invoice amount is more than this deposit, we will ask you to settle the difference at your earliest convenience.

Can I pick up my order instead of having it delivered?

Yes for all products other than Furniture & Equipment. From our years of experience, people often underestimate the size of products within Furniture & Equipment and cannot fit them into their vehicle. To prevent this unsatisfactory situation, we’ve made delivery a necessity for Furniture & Equipment.

Why can’t I pay when checking out my online cart?

Product availability on your particular event date cannot be guaranteed until a dedicated client liaison confirms this with you. This is to prevent double bookings and where products are unavailable, your client liaison will recommend similar products. Once everything is confirmed, you have many options to pay.

What payment options do you offer?

We offer the following options to make paying easier for you:

  1. Normal EFT *sigh*
  2. Credit/debit card machine at one of our showrooms
  3. Snapscan at one of our showrooms or simply visit for the image
  4. Online credit/debit card transactions via unique payment link – SMS’d or emailed to you!
  5. Online instant EFT via unique payment link – SMS’d or emailed to you!
What is a shortage refundable deposit?

We aim to make ordering with us as convenient as is possible. Paying for shortages (i.e. breakages, lost items) after the event, if any, takes up more of your valuable time.

We pride ourselves on reimbursing any amount due to you within 48 hours after sending the invoice to you so no need to worry about following up!

What are your banking details?
  • Bank – Investec Bank
  • Account # – 1001 208 1371
  • Branch # – 580 105
  • Reference – QUO####