Conference Essentials for Hire

Every conference has an array of essentials you need to make the event a success. Whether it’s a corporate event to discuss ideas, business event to hear talks from experts in your industry, or an annual year-end conference – we have a selection of tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery, glasses, and crucial equipment to help you cater for your conference.

Find items like conference tables, water glasses and jugs, cutlery, crockery, linen, and decor for hire. Our range of products will enable you to serve guests coffees, teas, snacks and main meals – all with stylish decor to add that crucial spark to your table settings.

Our equipment section will provide you with the tools to cater for your conference flawlessly, with items for housing hot food, keeping venues warm and gas to power appliances for cooking.

Have a look at the items we’ve collated specifically for conferences, and read about how you can use these items to structure a successful conference.

Conference furniture

Having the right furniture at your corporate event is one of those important “make or break components” for any good conference.

Ensure you rent enough tables and chairs (of the right type) to account for all of your guests. Choose furniture that is functional and suits your theme.

Choose from cocktail tables and chairs, conversation tables, cafe tables and round tables to arrange the seating plan and layout for your event.

We offer lightweight, foldable and portable chairs for easy set up and take down, such as the White Plastic Wimbledon Chair and the Classic comfy Charcoal Conference Chair for long events.

Furniture Hire

Conference Table

R46.00 incl. VAT

Decor Furniture

Brown Easel

R143.75 incl. VAT
R287.50 incl. VAT

Benches And Barstools

Gunmetal Xavier Barstool

R172.50 incl. VAT
R517.50 incl. VAT
R92.00 incl. VAT
R80.50 incl. VAT
R287.50 incl. VAT
R517.50 incl. VAT

Glassware to serve guests

Serve cold drinks such as water, juice, and soft drinks to guests at your conference event. Hire a range of glassware to suit your needs and requirements.

Keep Rock Glasses around for water and other drinks like fruit juice and soft drinks. Having wine glasses and our beer glasses on hand is also a good idea, if you plan to serve any standard alcoholic drinks(for an evening conference), or as a backup to serve juices and soft drinks. 

Have a look at our Willy Beer Glass, as well as our Classic Red and Classic White Wine glass options. Or go for something with a bit more style, like our Stemless Wine Glass. 

Also, consider hiring jugs to provide water for speakers, and to house water at guests’ tables.

R5.85 incl. VAT
R2.10 incl. VAT

Drinking And Dessert

Rock Glass – 300ml

R3.25 incl. VAT

Crockery for catering

When choosing the crockery for your conference, keep in mind the time of day and what you plan to serve.

For morning conferences, or conferences taking place during the day, hire items like the coupe teapot, matching cups and saucers and coffee mugs to serve your guests cups of tea and coffee. Don’t forget milk jugs and sugar bowls for your tea station and small side plates for nibbles and catered snacks.

Similarly, for a conference that’s likely to go into lunchtime, hire round dinner plates and make sure you have enough to give your guests a hearty, helping of a main course before you head into your afternoon’s presentations and discussions.

If you plan for your conference to go over into the evening, make sure you have the right crockery to serve your guests main courses. Add the Coupe Square Wave Dinner Plate to your catering arsenal, for a more stylish option for serving guests.

R2.10 incl. VAT

Crockery Hire

Coupe Coffee Mug

R3.45 incl. VAT
R2.10 incl. VAT
R5.75 incl. VAT
R6.33 incl. VAT

Crockery Hire

Coupe Cruet Set

R4.60 incl. VAT

Crockery Hire

Coupe Tea Pot

R11.50 incl. VAT

Cutlery for the tables

For a morning conference, where coffees, teas and snacks are likely to be served – hire teaspoons, alongside cups and saucers above. . Renting small Vision Starter and Dessert Forks to cater for guests while they enjoy snacks like muffins and pastries, is also a great idea.

If you plan for your conference to run over into lunch, and you need to serve some hot mains, make sure you’re covered with larger dinner plates from our crockery section as well as knives and forks.

For events running into dinner service, choose knives and forks for starters, main meals and teaspoons for stirring hot drinks. If you are serving a fish or steak course, fish forks, fish knives, and steak knives will be handy. With these cutlery hiring essentials you’ll be well on your way to catering for the perfect conference!

R2.10 incl. VAT
R2.10 incl. VAT
R2.10 incl. VAT
R2.10 incl. VAT
R2.10 incl. VAT
R2.10 incl. VAT

Event equipment

Find items to help you cater for your guests and enhance your conference’s space.

Hire gas cylinders for cooking, rectangular and round chafing dishes for keeping main meals warm, and hot water urns for your guests’ hot drink choices like coffees and teas.

To keep soft drinks and bottles ice cold, rent our Zinc Ice Bucket.

We even offer a rustic brown easel, as a place to put a poster and advertise your conference, or to use as part of presentations given during the course of a day or evening.

To keep indoor conference venues warm during winter, or if the space is a bit draughty, hire mushroom heaters to make sure you guests are freezing during the important parts of your conference.

R63.25 incl. VAT
R166.75 incl. VAT
R494.50 incl. VAT

Decor Furniture

Brown Easel

R143.75 incl. VAT
R335.80 incl. VAT
R143.75 incl. VAT
R224.25 incl. VAT

Linen to style tables & chairs

The right linen is imperative to create a sleek and professional conference, and it can also be used to form part of your theme too. It’s a great way to set the scene for your guests, and dress up your tables.

We have a variety of classic table linen for hire, including plain black tablecloths and white linen, as well as stretch chair covers, and serviettes for your guests. Read more about 20 free no deposit. For more patterned tablecloth and serviette options, have a look at our linen category.

If you’re looking for a creative way to wow your guests as they get seated at one of your conference tables, find intricate ways to fold your rented linen serviettes to bring a smile to someone’s face at the table and give them a moment to remember before the conference has even begun.

You could also hire serviette/napkin rings to enhance the look and feel of your table settings, and add an extra touch of class.