How Our Delivery Prices Work For You

We want you to easily enjoy your event, even if you need delivery within the next 48 hours.

Our transparent delivery pricing is flexible enough to guarantee you a reliable service supported by our logistics operations which are designed to fulfill such requests with short lead times (i.e. within 48 hours).

You may also be rest-assured that our prices per km are on average 20% – 30% less compared to the industry prices. We conduct a price check every 6 months to ensure we are never above market-related prices.

Why do we have two price levels?

The way that we help you easily enjoy your event is by positioning ourselves so that you work with one team, view one quote, and receive one delivery… even if some of your requested products are sourced from other suppliers in the EHIRE network.

On average, we source one or more products from at least one supplier for the typical order. You don’t pay for this because it’s our responsibility to work efficiently and plan our logistics schedule effectively for the week.

However, if you need your order delivered within 48 hours from your request date, our team are dedicated to fulfilling your request (we really are) which means that extra logistics resources will be used to ensure your delivery is successful and that you enjoy the products you order.

What are our standard delivery prices?

Just a note: most of our orders are standard in size and this is why we are explaining standard deliveries. If your order is much bigger, we have truck delivery prices which your dedicated client liaison will gladly discuss with you.

The minimum delivery amount is R120 and R150 respectively.

To put this into perspective, the below graph shows the total delivery price to a few locations if your order window is more than 48 hours from delivery.

Using the identical locations above, if you need a delivery within 48 hours, the below graph shows the total delivery price.

If you’d like to estimate the cost of your delivery, simply click the EHIRE location below and input your destination. Then multiple the # of kms by our km price.


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