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Hire Shot & Cocktail Glasses

Hire shot and cocktail glasses to serve single or double shots, and delicious cocktails at your themed party, corporate function, birthday or any other kind of event. Enjoy serving guests cocktails like Martinis, Manhattan cocktails, Long Island Ice Teas and Gin & Tonics in a variety of elegant glasses.

Cocktails are an appealing and appetising addition to any event, but without the right glasses, serving cocktails can look clumsy. Having shot glasses on hand also helps to ensure cocktails are mixed correctly and taste delicious.

Make sure you’re prepared with the right glasses to serve cocktails in style! Choose from our range of eye-catching cocktail and shot glasses down below.

R2.45 incl. VAT
R2.88 incl. VAT

Drinking And Dessert

Martini Glass 150ml – For Hire

R5.55 incl. VAT

Glassware Hire

Mojito Glass – 450ml

R4.05 incl. VAT
R5.55 incl. VAT