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Hire Brandy & Tumbler Glasses

Hire from our variety of Brandy and Tumbler to serve guests their favourite grape, fruit or pomace brandies and liqueurs at corporate events, weddings, birthdays, functions and other themed parties. Choose from Mondial, Manhattan and Classic glass tumbler styles to suit the style of your event. Select large glasses, 550ml, or small glasses, 250ml, and serve your guests their favourite international or local brandies at your event.

Order Brandy & Tumbler Glasses online and enjoy hassle-free delivery right to your door using EHIRE.

R3.25 incl. VAT
R2.30 incl. VAT
R4.05 incl. VAT
R7.48 incl. VAT
R7.50 incl. VAT
R9.50 incl. VAT