Things To Do In Cape Town: 5 Tips For A Splashing Pool Party

These are the 5 must-haves for any pool party in Cape Town:

Disclaimer: This blog is not going to explain how you host a pool party like the one in Wolf of Wall Street; it’s best to stay out of jail and prefer hugs instead of drugs.

1. Have a pool

Now we know that this may seem a little farfetched, but we promise, this one is actually fairly important 😉 Although Cape Town went through a drought, the City is confident this will not happen again and have relaxed the water restrictions (if you’re not convinced, check out this article) because our dams have filled to more than 70%. A pool can be anything from the fancy one in the ground or a splash pool.

2. Punch (the drink mix)

View 50 awesome recipes for punch here. If you’re wondering what to keep your punch in, have a punch bowl delivered straight to your place via this website.

3. Music

Having family & friends for conversation is great, but nothing gets a pool party going more than music. Make sure you create a playlist beforehand (Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music are great platforms). I

4. Food

Some food goodies to think about include:

  • Chips
  • Hotdogs
  • Boerie rolls (if you’re not from South Africa, this is what a boerie roll is)
  • Sweets

5. Inflatables

You’ve probably found yourself scrolling through your Instagram feed and come across a mate who is riding a gold inflatable swan or a celebrity chillaxing on an inflatable pineapple.

The things to do in Cape Town, South Africa are endless. You have the opportunity to try one every single weekend. Start now.

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