Plan The Perfect Wedding

Alleviate some of the stress surrounding your special day, with our array of options to hire for your wedding. Plan a traditional wedding and bring your theme to life with white tablecloths, sleek modern furnishings and tasteful decorations. Or, rent natural furnishings, tableware and equipment to set up a stunning rustic themed wedding on the beach or in an enchanting garden setting.

Wedding Chairs For Hire

The seating for your wedding venue is multi purpose – it will keep your family and friends comfortable, but it’ll also appear in dozens of photos taken during your wedding day. It’s great to have a variety of styles and colours to suit white themed weddings, a garden or beach reception or an approach to a traditional wedding theme and venue.

Whether you’re looking to rent benches for guests at an outdoor ceremony, at the bar, or at a long table while they enjoy wine and casual conversion, our stunning stools, benches, and chairs will manage your needs perfectly.

Rent the White Xavier Barstool, a versatile choice for the bar, or the White Tiffany Chair and White Wooden Bench for a simple and elegant solution for wedding ceremony or reception seating.

Find the perfect, comfortable chair for your traditional wedding or the right style to match a vintage wedding theme or a rustic wedding venue.

Our range of chairs for hire include options such as the White Wimbledon chair which is lightweight and easy to transport whether your reception in the winelands or at the beach.

Benches And Barstools

White Wooden Bench – For Hire

R138.00 incl. VAT

Benches And Barstools

White Xavier Barstool

R172.50 incl. VAT
R74.75 incl. VAT


Lotus Chair

R74.75 incl. VAT

Wedding Tables For Hire

Tables provide a foundation for so many parts of your special day. You’ll need to hire a host of dining table options to enjoy your wedding’s main courses, bars and bar tables for serving drinks, serving tables to enjoy afternoon tea, and display tables to show off your beautiful wedding cake or hold wedding gifts.

We have wedding tables for hire to suit all of your preferences, from coffee tables for casual conversation to spacious countertops for mealtimes. Our White Coffee Tables are great for seated functions or as serving or display tables and can be combined to create different table sizes. They are well-suited for a white themed wedding or can be covered with a tablecloth from our linen range to match any other wedding theme.

A Natural Wooden Top Conversation Table provides plenty of space for serving snacks to those standing and chatting, and would fit in nicely with rustic wedding ideas and decor to match.

Another option to rent for serving family and friends is our White Versa Bar. It’s perfect for mixing cocktails or pouring beers and wines and arranging bar nibbles. It works nicely with a black and white wedding theme and would add a modern and elegant feel to a traditional wedding venue. It’s counter-top would match the natural appeal of our Wooden Paddle Side Plates and bread boards perfectly. They’re ideal for laying out treats to enjoy.

Furniture Hire

White Coffee Table

R402.50 incl. VAT
R517.50 incl. VAT
R430.00 incl. VAT
R115.00 incl. VAT

Wedding Decor For Hire

Decide to rent wedding decorations and bring your theme to life, and accentuate your chosen setting. Delicate wedding decor often serves as an addition to tableware, seating or linen arrangements and can add a defining touch that uplifts your wedding’s visual appeal. 

Often, the wedding table decorations you hire are dependent on your chosen colour scheme and theme. If you’re keeping things formal but want to add “a regal touch/touch of class” to your layout, hire our Gold Geometric Lantern as the perfect wedding table centrepiece. This would work wonderfully at a more vintage wedding featuring white and gold wedding decor.

Similarly, hiring Gold Menu Stands would be an elegant way to display your carefully curated menu, seating plan, or wedding guest book – the perfect wedding decor for a rustic or traditional wedding

Complete the royal and elegant theme by hiring gold wedding decor for your table like the Gold Fork and Gold Knife.

Give your wedding a spark by renting and draping Curtain Fairy Lights over tablecloths, chairs and awnings. This provides an added twinkle to tie a celestial wedding theme together, which is a popular approach (for stargazers) this year.

R17.25 incl. VAT

Decor Hire

Gold Menu Stands

R24.15 incl. VAT
R747.50 incl. VAT

Wedding Glasses For Hire

Glassware is a complete necessity to any set of wedding theme ideas and will need to match what you have in mind. It’s a central and versatile category to any event, but weddings specifically! On the day you’ll need to rent glasses to serve all sorts of drinks appropriately and one of the best things about it is that you won’t need to worry about cleaning them! 

Hire glasses for your wedding day and rest assured knowing that we’ve taken care of everything from the best man’s toast to wine, beer, or gin pairings for main meals on your wedding day

A toast would require popping open the champagne for a heartfelt speech, and we’d recommend hiring our Classic Champagne Saucer glass sporting deep curves with a sharp wide rim. It provides a sophisticated look and feel that covers vintage wedding themes or wedding receptions with a traditional or rustic approach.

Guests will match their meals at a wedding reception with their favourite wines too. So, whether it’s a red or a dry white wine, rent our Classic Cut Red and Classic Cut White wine glasses to add an elegant touch to your wedding tables

Wedding Crockery For Hire

When catering for a wedding there are many different crockery items to think about renting. You will need to think about the plates and bowls for your table setting to match your wedding theme  as well as crockery for serving food and condiments.  

Whether you are having a white theme, a rustic wedding or a relaxed garden or beach wedding reception – find the perfect crockery options to hire for serving, starters, main courses, and desserts from our wide selection. 

Before diving into your main meal, you might serve snacks with a choice of wine or champagne. Rent our Diana Canape Plate, as it’s perfect for presenting your canapes, and comes in a choice of charcoal and white to match elements of black and white wedding theme for example.

A usual suspect as a side to a soup starter would be some freshly baked bread.

Our Wooden Baguette Board would be a great option that brings a natural touch to your wedding tables – rent it as a lovely fit for a rustic theme. More natural finishes would work well with a vineyard wedding or a countryside setting.

Complete your wedding table by hiring the elegant and versatile Diana Dinner Plate and set which is perfect for serving your main course and is available in white or charcoal. Main meals are often complimented by spices and condiments, which can be difficult to display. We’ve made your life easier with the Coupe Double Pinch Pot, which is compact but versatile enough to serve your choice of two spices or condiments at a time. 

Finish off the meal in style with the Wiesenthal Tea Pot and matching tea set to serves guests a soothing warm drink.  

Wedding Cutlery For Hire

To cater for all the courses served during your wedding reception – from enjoying soup starters and fish main courses, to treating your guests to tasty desserts and cutting a white wedding cake – you’ll need to rent an assortment of cutlery options. 

We’ve included our Bread Knife for slicing fresh loaves to compliment starters and a Kings Silver Starter and Butter Knife for guests to add their favourite spreads.

As you plan ideas for main courses at your wedding, you may consider renting some stunning silverware such as the Kings Silver Fish Fork and Knife to suit your theme.

Wedding cakes are a special part of your wedding reception and you’ll need to choose how to divide slices and serve your delicious frosting. The Gold Cake Knife and Lifter Set would work really well with a traditional wedding and venue, featuring white wedding cake designs and adds a touch of class to serving slices to you, the bride and groom, and your guests.

R3.60 incl. VAT
R3.60 incl. VAT
R3.60 incl. VAT
R3.60 incl. VAT
R3.60 incl. VAT
R3.60 incl. VAT
R3.60 incl. VAT
R23.00 incl. VAT
R3.60 incl. VAT

Cutlery Hire

Bread Knife

R6.35 incl. VAT
R20.70 incl. VAT

Wedding Equipment For Hire

Weddings – especially outdoor and destination weddings – require a collection of equipment for hire, to set up your theme for success. Outdoor settings, such as a rustic themed garden or beach wedding, might require renting a gazebo and bar equipment for example, while indoors at a traditional wedding venue you may need to rent heaters to make sure your guests aren’t chilly while enjoying your wedding reception.

By this stage, your wedding menu has been carefully constructed and you’ve decide to hire caterers for your wedding food, but you’ll also need large dishes to house cooked meat and vegetables for your guests.

Hot trays are also a wise option to keep things warm, because no one enjoys ordering a congealed meal!

Urns are a necessity for your hot beverages, like teas and coffees, while hiring an Ice Bucket is a great way to keep your wines, beers and spirits cold. 

Other additions like the Mushroom Heater will keep your wedding venue and guests warm and cosy. Or if you’re outside, during a garden wedding for example, our Wooden Parasol will create a space that’s out of the sun. 

R63.25 incl. VAT
R166.75 incl. VAT
R494.50 incl. VAT

Equipment Hire

Open Fire Basket

R287.50 incl. VAT
R138.00 incl. VAT
R335.80 incl. VAT
R143.75 incl. VAT
R224.25 incl. VAT
R195.50 incl. VAT

Wedding Linen For Hire

Renting the right linen for your wedding day is a great way to solidify your theme, whether that comes with a traditional wedding approach featuring black and white decor or an array of ideas for a vintage wedding.

We have plenty of linen ideas for themes and wedding venues that will match perfectly with chair covers, catering equipment, silverware and wine glasses. 

A wedding with a classic white theme may require a White Rectangle Tablecloth paired with Standard White Serviettes. These items would go well with classic wine glasses and silverware for example. 

You might be looking for tablecloths that pop with patterns and engaging colours for use alongside ideas for a rustic or art-deco themed wedding. Renting Red and Black Damask Runners and Black and Gold Geometric Square tablecloths would spice up your wedding tables in conjunction with natural finishes for your seating and decor. 

If you’re finding our other options might fit better with a vintage wedding decor or a more playful approach, then consider our subtler alternatives. 

A black and white wedding theme, featuring a white wedding cake, and traditional wedding decor would be a great foundation for hiring Black and White Damask Runners for the tables at your wedding. 

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