20 Best Conference Venues in Cape Town

South Africa is home to plenty of stunning conference venues that can make arranging any presentation or company-wide meeting an absolute breeze!

We’ve collected 20 of the best conference venues in Cape Town to make your life easier as you look for somewhere memorable to host your event.

Some of the venues in our list can even provide accommodation for guests from out of town, or for international executives looking to arrange a conference during a trip to the Mother City.

Check out some amazing conference venues in Cape Town, arranged by area, and get in touch to start planning the perfect corporate conference!

Cape Town Conference Venues by Region

Conferences Venues in Central Cape Town

Cape Town is known as a bustling city with beautiful views, but it’s also home to a variety of high-class conference venues.

Whether you’re looking for a venue with views of the waterfront, the city centre or table mountain – the Cape Town City Centre has it all.

Find out more about amazing conference venues in Cape Town below.

Avenue at the Two Oceans Aquarium

avenue conference venue

The Two Oceans Aquarium features a world-class conference venue, Avenue, at the V&A Waterfront, with a variety of spaces for large or small events.

The aquarium offers great views of the V&A Waterfront Marina as well as the unique opportunity to enjoy their 1.7 million litre ocean exhibit while hosting your conference, in one of the intimate or large conference venues. What a memorable experience!

The Two Oceans Aquarium offers half and full-day packages and provides a professional events team to assist you with planning your function. They can assist with everything from arranging your catering requirements to helping with audiovisual equipment requirements..

Find out more by visiting the Two Oceans Aquarium website for more information. You can also download their conference venue booklet to learn more about their spaces.

Have a look at their different venue options:

avenue auditorium


The Auditorium is a large well-lit venue featuring natural wood tables and comfortable conference chairs. The venue includes all essential presentation equipment, and 4 different seating arrangements available to fit the purpose of your conference.

Ideal for: Large conferences, presentations, product launches, seminars, and workshops.

Capacity: Up to 120 delegates.

tranquility conference venue


Tranquillity is a smaller venue that seats up to 30 delegates. With its four metre-high window onto a spectacular view of the Ocean Basket Kelp Forest exhibit this venue is sure to impress and leave a lasting impression!!

The venue includes a podium and other essential presentation equipment, plus free complimentary Wi-Fi.

Ideal for: Executive strategy sessions, team meetings, presentations, seminars, small conferences, and workshops.

Capacity: From 10 to 30 delegates.



Avenue provides a large space for large conferences and other presentations with the backdrop of the stunning 1.6million litre ocean exhibit at the Two Oceans Aquarium.

The venue hire includes a podium, flip chart and markers, as well as complimentary Wi-Fi, as well as three setup styles to match the purpose of your conference.

Ideal for: Large business conferences, presentations, banquets, corporate functions and awards ceremonies.

Capacity: Between 320 and 400 attendees depending on the arrangement and event style.

Mountain Manor

mountain manor conference room set up

Mountain Manor is situated in tranquil Oranjezicht with Table Mountain as a beautiful backdrop.

The manor provides a small conference space and several conference packages with catering, setup, and presentation equipment included. Optional access to a bar for drinks after your conference can also be included.

The food is fantastic, and the venue offers a variety of setup styles to suit your conferencing needs for up to 30 people.

If your executives require accommodation, the venue also has cozy, modern rooms as well as self-catering suites and villas that can be rented for attendees.

Get in touch with Mountain Manor by visiting their website to start planning the perfect conference for your company today!

Ideal for: Small, catered-for conferences, guest speakers, and company presentations.

Capacity: Between 6 and 22 people.

Cape Town International Convention Centre

cticc cover photo

CTICC is the hub for conferences, local events, global events, and conventions. 

There’s an array of world-class, modern venues for a variety of events. – From smaller rooms for executive strategy meetings, to large spacious venues for company-wide presentations, conferences, and to host important seminars, workshops and guest speakers. 

The CTICC is fully equipped for your event with an on-site business centre,medical assistance, free Wi-Fi, expansive parking facilities for your attendees, prayer rooms, and even a nursery for busy parents attending events.

They offer an incredible range of conference venues and we can’t cover all of them within this piece. Find out more by checking out CTICC’s venues spaces on their website.

Have a look at their different venue options:

auditorium one conference venue

Auditorium 1

Auditorium 1 is an oval shaped auditorium space based at the front of the convention centre. It is ideal for  hosting large, speaker based conferences, and presentations for corporate events. 

The main stage is the focal point of the room with capacity for up to 1500 people in theatre style seats. Additional features of this venue are the 6 translation rooms, a projection room, dressing rooms, and adjacent VIP suites.

Ideal for: Large conferences, presentations, guest speakers, corporate functions, and other large company events.

Capacity: Up to 1500 guests.

auditorium two conference venue

Auditorium 2

This second auditorium space provides a large space with comfy theatre style seats fitted on a gentle incline. It is rectangular in shape, as opposed to the oval-shaped Auditorium 1, and is ideal for a number of events – like corporate presentations, lectures, product launches, annual company events and plenty more.

Ideal for: Product launches, theatre productions, award evenings, plenary sessions, lectures, and presentations and conferences.

Capacity: Up to 612 attendees.

full ballroom

Full Ballroom

The ballroom over-looks the buzzing CBD area and is divisible to accommodate smaller event experiences and conferences.

Ideal for: Conferences, presentations, banquets, and annual company events.

Capacity: From 1300 up to 1980 delegates.

meeting room venue

Meeting Rooms

The CTICC offers 4 large and 13 small meeting rooms. The large rooms can accommodate up to 300 people whereas the small rooms have space for up to 25 delegates each.

Meeting rooms are fully equipped with modern furnishings and essential presentation equipment.

Ideal for: Boardroom style meetings and executive strategy meetings.

Capacity: Large rooms up to 300 people;small rooms up to 25 people.

watsonia bluebell venue

Watsonia & Bluebell

These rooms offer beautiful views of the city with floor to ceiling windows with access to the terrace.

The rooms are sleek and elegant and provide the perfect place for presentations, guest speakers, conferences and monthly meetings for companies with a large team.

Ideal for: Presentations, conferences, and company-wide meetings for large teams.

Capacity: From 90 up to 380 delegates.

Pincushion Meeting Room

Pincushion meeting rooms at CTICC is a ready-made meeting suite for important boardroom meetings for a medium sized team.

The rooms offer an elegant interior design, with a solid wood table and comfy, modern chairs to cater for your attendees.

Ideal for: Large conferences, presentations, guest speakers, corporate functions, and other large company events.

Capacity: Up to 1500 guests.

Hollow on the Square

hollow on square venue

Located in the foreshore, the heart of the ‘Mother City’, Hollow On The Square is in an ideal position for corporate travellers attending, or hosting conferences in Cape Town.

Conferences are hosted at their sister hotel, Cape Town Hollow, which is located just a few minutes away under the shadow of the iconic Table Mountain and overlooking Company’s Gardens (via complimentary transfer).

The venue accommodates up to 50 delegates in a professional, tranquil space and includes all the necessary presentation equipment you need and note-taking materials for your delegates. Choose from half day and full day conference packages for your convenience.

Lounge areas and the pool deck provide areas for intermissions and breakaway sessions.

Get in touch with Hollow on the Square by visiting their website and enquire about hosting a conference at the stunning conference venue of their sister hotel!

Ideal for: Small to medium sized company conferences, seminars, and other corporate events. 

Capacity: From 20 to up to 50 delegates.

Hout Bay

Hout Bay is based 20 km from Cape Town’s CBD on the Atlantic Seaboard, and boasts amazing views of the mountain and coastline.

It’s an ideal region to host a conference, with Table Mountain or crashing waves as a breathtaking backdrop.

Find out more about venues that offer spaces for intimate and large scale company conferences below – and in some cases accommodation for visiting delegates.

Chapman’s Peak Hotel

chapmans peak hotel and conference venue

Chapman’s Peak Hotel is based at the foot of the world-famous Chapman’s Peak drive. 

It was voted one of the top 20 things to do in Cape Town, offering visitors beautiful views of the mountain and sea, from the conference facilities, restaurant and spacious modern rooms (plus 2 stunning penthouse suites!)

The hotel offers 3 small venues for conferences, accommodation from 12 up to a maximum of 30 delegates. 

The view also provides the perfect backdrop for inspiration during company events, making it an ideal spot to host your conference in Cape Town!

Find out more about their Chapman’s Peak Hotel’s conference facilities below. 

Contact Chapman’s Peak Hotel on their website to find out more about their stunning conference venues, rates and their inviting accommodation – should you need it.

Have a look at their different venue options:

Sentinel Room

The sentinel room features a private deck overlooking the bay, which is ideal for intermissions and breakaway sessions.

This venue includes air conditioning and fast free Wi-Fi.

Ideal for: Presentations, small company conferences, presentations, seminars and workshops.

Capacity: Up to 30 delegates.

mountain room venue

Mountain Room

A smaller presentation room for executive meetings, workshops with divisions of your team and other small company gatherings.

The room includes aircon, free Wi-Fi, and presentation equipment including: a projector screen, projector and sound equipment.

Ideal for: Workshops, division meetings, executive strategy sessions, meetings and smaller conferences.

Capacity: Up to 12 delegates.

palm room chapmans peak

Palm Room

A boardroom that’s fitted with natural wood tables and comfortable chairs. It’s the perfect professional space for small company meetings.

Ideal for: Boardroom meetings, executive strategy sessions, workshops, seminars and other small scale company events.

Capacity: Up to 12 delegates.

Riverside Boutique Hotel

function venue

The Riverside Boutique Hotel offers an elegant conference, function and wedding venue, in the beautiful Hout Bay valley, 5 minutes away from the Hout Bay beachfront.

Their spacious hall is available for stunning conferences, in a variety of setups with a variety of packages to suit the size and style of the conference you’re hosting – whether you’re planning a large company conference or breakaway session with a division of your team.

Their spacious hall is available for stunning conferences for up to 120 people, in a variety of setups to suit the size and purpose of your conference.

Whether you’re planning a large company conference or breakaway session with a division of your team, their packages will come in hand to help you cater for your delegates.

The venue comes with presentation equipment, stationery, light snacks, and optional extras for drinks and snacks. The hotel also provides a homely atmosphere for guests to enjoy before the conference begins.

Their spacious gardens offer a perfect place for intermissions, and tranquil, inspiring walks before, during and after your business meetings.

Get in touch with the Riverside Boutique Hotel to help you plan a refreshing and exciting conference experience.

Ideal for: Small to medium sized company conferences, meetings and breakaway sessions with divisions of your team.

Capacity: Small groups up to 120 people.

Hout Bay Manor

The manor provides two conference venues, their 10 seater function room and their “Eat Restaurant” which can be arranged to accommodate up to 50 delegates.

They offer half and full day conference packages – that include plenty of drinks, snacks and even a lunch to keep your guests content and engaged for company presentations and seminars.

Whether you’re looking for an intimate conference venue or a space for a slightly larger company conference, the Hout Bay Manor has the perfect venue for your corporate function. Each venue comes with sound equipment, a projector, screen, and flip charts for versatile presentations.

Visit Hout Bay Manor’s website to find out more about hosting your conference, with complimentary views of table mountain and the coast!

Have a look at their different venue options:

small boardroom for functions

Function Room

An intimate venue suitable for smaller meetings with a division of your team, celebrations for startup teams, small awards ceremonies and other company events.

Ideal for: Corporate meetings, small company presentations, and celebrations.

Capacity: Up to 10 delegates.

eat restaurant inside hout bay manor

Eat Restaurant

Hout Bay Manor provides delicious “simple and fresh” cuisine prepared by their Eat Restaurant on-site.

The restaurant also provides the perfect setting for a slightly large conference or company event, and can be rearranged to fit the purpose of your function.

Ideal for: Medium sized conferences, presentations, awards ceremonies, seminars, and corporate functions.

Capacity: Up to 80 delegates.

Southern Suburbs

The Southern Suburbs of Cape Town features some of the most popular residential real estate in Cape Town. Students are attracted to the private and public universities, young professionals to the new CBDs and commercial developments, while the proximity to schools in the leafy, tranquil suburbs provide an ideal environment for families.

In recent years, there has been even more development in the Southern Suburbs with office blocks and coworking spaces popping up everywhere. Alongside these professional spaces, the region also offers sleek, state of the art conference facilities for large companies and small startups.

Find out more about hosting your conference in the Southern Suburbs by checking out our list below.

J & J Conference Centre at Belmont Square

j & j conference venue outside

J & J Conference Centre has 7 conference venues which are perfect for small and large company events and conferences.

Each venue comes with fast and secure internet, audio visual equipment, event support and setup, along with parking for delegates and guest speakers. 

Conveniently located in the well-established, historical area of Rondebosch, Belmont Square is roughly a 10 to 15-minute drive from both the city centre and Cape Town International Airport respectively. There are also several hotels, guest houses, and BnBs nearby ensuring adequate accommodation for your attendees.

Find out all about J & J Conferences at Belmont Square by visiting their website, and check out their state of the art conference facilities and rates!

Have a look at their different venue options:

breakaway room venue

Breakaway Rooms

The Breakaway rooms are 3 fully air-conditioned venues ideal for small group events. The rooms can easily be arranged to suit your purpose..

Their support team ensures that the breakaway room is neat and stocked with everything you’ll need for your presentation, including AV equipment and flipcharts.

Ideal for: Small company conferences, briefings, presentations, and small group meetings.

Capacity: From 15 up to 30 delegates.

belmont room venue

Belmont Rooms - 1, 2 & 3

The Belmont Rooms offer the versatility to host smaller presentations and workshops or to be combined to create a venue for large company conferences.

The main venue can be arranged to accommodate up to 400 guests or it can be divided into 2 or 3 smaller spaces for groups of around 30 people each.

Ideal for: Large conferences, speeches, presentations, and banquets.

Capacity: Available in smaller segments for groups of 30, and combined the venue can accommodate up to 400 guests.

foyer venue j and j conference venue belmont square


The Foyer is a calm and restful area with lots of natural lighting. It is suitable for many different purposes such as post conference cocktails, as a welcome area for attendees, or for a small group networking dinner.

Ideal for: Cocktails, welcome/registration area, small group dining venue.

Capacity: The venue is very versatile and the capacity will depend on the arrangement of the room. Contact for more information.

The Forum Embassy Hill

embassy hill cover photo

The Forum Embassy Hill is a 5 star venue that offers venues for weddings, product launches, conferences and other company events. 

They offer state of the art facilities and specialise in designing dream conferences that meet international standards and are tailored to the exact style you had in mind for your company conference. 

Embassy Hill provides indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as dining options with award winning food and essential presentation equipment included. 

Get in touch with the Forum Embassy Hill to help you plan a classy and sophisticated conference experience.

Have a look at their different venue options:

conservatory venue


A conservatory featuring high ceilings, loads of natural light and enough space for over 150 guests, perfect for a large conference.

Their doors open onto a tranquil garden for intermissions and breakaway sessions. There’s also a French oak bar for celebrations and post-conference parties.

The large room with an airy, spacious feel is perfect for large company conferences with style and class.

Ideal for: Large company conferences, presentations, seminars, and company-wide meetings.

Capacity: Up to 160 delegates.

sitting room smaller venue

Sitting room

The sitting room is available for casual conferences, and team meetings. It provides a space for hosting around 16 guests, and is perfect for brainstorming sessions.

The space opens up onto the patio and beautiful gardens for intermissions and breakaway sessions.

Ideal for: Casual team meetings, breakaway sessions, and brainstorming.

Capacity: Around 16 guests.

dining room venue the embassy hill

Dining room

The dining room space provides a space for small-medium company conferences, for up to 30 delegates.

Set up in a boardroom style, it is for smaller company meetings and features a large flat screen HD TV for presentations as well as surround sound.

It’s also perfect for a private dining experience with members of your team for a special occasion, and to discuss ideas for the future. The space also opens onto the patio.

Ideal for: Boardroom style team meetings, small to medium sized conference and special company occasions.

Capacity: Up to 30 guests.

outdoor venue the embassy hill

Outdoor venue

The outdoor space at Embassy Hill can be tailored to suit medium to large sized company presentations, conferences and to celebrate special occasions or milestone achievements with your team.

It provides a serene, relaxed setting and the catering team suggests canapes and drinks as a perfect way to greet your guests upon arrival.

Ideal for: Welcome drinks, celebrating special company occasions.

Capacity: Large corporate functions for up to or more than 160 guests.

Old Mutual Conference and Exhibition Centre Kirstenbosch Gardens

kirstenbosch conference venue

The Old Mutual Conference and Exhibition Centre at Kirstenbosch is ideal for conferences, banquets, product launches, workshops, meetings, and presentations.

The hall provides room for up to 400 guests, and can be divided into 3 smaller sections with sound-proof partitioning if need be. These smaller spaces are ideal for workshops and company meetings for small to medium sized teams.

The venue is crisp and comfortable with air-conditioning, self-catering kitchen facilities, wheelchair access and free parking throughout the day and evening.

Their conference packages come with the option to include catering supplied by Moyo Restaurant, for those who require catering.

Book your conference by checking out the Old Mutual Conference and Exhibition Centre section on the SANBI website, and get in touch via email or give them a call today!

Ideal for: Large company conferences, small to medium sized corporate functions, seminars and workshops.

Capacity: Smaller groups all the way up to 400 guests.

Northern Suburbs

The Northern Suburbs is home to a number of attractions, including leafy golf courses, wine estates, casinos and the tygerberg nature reserve.

It’s also a great place for conferences, with a variety of intimate and large conference venues fitted with state of the art equipment to help you deliver a presentation effortlessly.

Dive into our collection of conference venues in the Northern Suburbs below!

(Some even include accommodation for visiting delegates, which is super handy).

Le Petit Château

le petit chateau outside

Le Petit Chateau offers a haven for business, and comfort – with conference facilities, fine dining and accommodation on-site, and accompanied by stunning views and a tranquil garden area for breakaway sessions and intermissions.

Find out more about hosting the perfect company conference at Le Petit Chateau, by visiting their website or get in touch using their contact details above.

Have a look at their different venue options:

conference venue facilities

Conference facilities

Their conference facilities provide enough space for groups of 20 delegates, in a room that’s air conditioned and kitted out with all the essential presentation you’ll need to keep your delegates engaged.

Ideal for: Intimate conference venues, small company events, presentations, seminars, workshops and conferences.

Capacity: Up to 20 delegates.

private function facilities

Private function facilities

Le Petit Château also offers a modern, homey setting for groups of up to 50 people where you can host awards ceremonies, or post-conference festivities with your delegates.

Ideal for: Corporate events, company celebrations and other private functions.

Capacity: Up to 50 delegates.

Durbanville Conference Centre

durbanville conference centre outside

The Durbanville Conference Centre is one of the largest conference facilities in the Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs.

The centre offers 10 conference rooms in a variety of sizes, and an auditorium that can seat almost 300 delegates for large conferences, seminars and other corporate events.

They offer budget, standard and executive packages, and all of the presentation tools you’ll need to engage your audience are available on-site.

Find out more about hosting the ideal conference at the Durbanville Conference Centre by visiting their website or getting touch using their contact details above.

Have a look at their different venue options:

auditorium 1


The Auditorium space is ideal for conferences, training events, sales seminars, strategic product launches where you’re expecting a minimum of 50 guests (presentation equipment included!)

Ideal for: Company workshops, presentations, product launches, sales seminars, conferences and other events.

Capacity: From 50 up to 280 delegates.

intimate conference room venue

Intimate Conference Rooms

The 7 small conference rooms at Durbanville Conference Centre offer spaces for intimate business meetings, as well as small company events like seminars, and workshops.

The venue hire includes all of the essential equipment you’ll need to engage your delegates during a conference or presentation.

Ideal for: Small to medium sized conferences, executive strategy sessions, seminars, workshops and presentations.

Capacity: From 2 up to 50 delegates (depending on your choice of venue).

medium to large scale conference venues

Medium to large scale conference Rooms

Medium to large sized venue ideal for company meetings, corporate presentations, conferences, seminars, and workshops.

Hire these spacious rooms fitted with dimmed lighting to set the right ambiance for presentations.

These venues also feature comfortable conference chairs, and natural wood tables which can be rearranged to suit the purpose of your conference.

Ideal for: Medium to large scale company meetings, corporate presentations, conferences, seminars and workshops.

Capacity: From 12 up to 250 delegates (dependent on your choice of venue).

Stay Easy Century City

stay easy conference venue

Stay Easy in Century City offers great intimate spaces for conferences, workshops, seminars and other small company events. 

The hotel’s conference team is on-hand to assist you in planning the perfect company conference or meeting, and a wide range of services are available upon request, such as catering. 

Get in touch with Stay Easy Century City and send an enquiry to their team with some details about your event!

Have a look at their different venue options:

boardroom venue

The Boardroom

The Boardroom offers space for up to 18 delegates, and is a fantastic idea for company presentations, and workshops as well as strategizing with executives in your team.

Enquire about drinks and light snacks for your guests, as well as other catering services to accompany your meeting.

Ideal for: Boardroom meetings, executive strategy meetings, workshops and presentations.

Capacity: Up to 18 people.

boardroom venue

Meeting rooms

Stay Easy’s meeting rooms allow you to seat up to 30 delegates for small to medium size company meetings, whether it be a conference, seminar or workshop – the space can be easily rearranged to fit the purpose of your company event.

Ideal for: Workshops, seminars, conferences, and presentations.

Capacity: Up to 30 delegates.

Century City Conference Centre

century city conference centre

The Century City Conference Centre provides a wide variety of premium spaces to organise unforgettable company events.

It’s perfect for everything, from business meetings, to exhibitions, product launches, cocktail parties, and other corporate events.

The centre features 20 different venues, with easy access to plentiful secure underground parking, and free Wi-Fi as well as restaurants, bars, and coffee shops on the manmade waterfront.

Check out the Century City Conference Centre website for more information about their venues and enquire about hosting your conference today!

Have a look at their different venue options:

groundfloor event hall century city conference centre

Ground Floor Event Halls

The ground floor of the Century City Conference Centre is home to an expansive foyer and 4 large event halls.

Each of the four event halls (A, B, C, and D) are suited for large events with up to 400 people each. For even larger events of up to 720 people two halls can be combined and three halls can be combined to host up to 1100 people.

Their support team can assist you in organising a sleek, stylish conference with one or a combination of their spacious hall spaces.

Ideal for: Large corporate functions, exhibitions, product launches and conferences.

Capacity: Each hall has a maximum capacity of 360 people (460 for Hall D) with the option to combine the venues and host up to 1160 delegates.

spacious open plan foyer

Spacious Open Plan Foyer

The open plan-style foyer is ideal for company presentations, exhibitions, product launches and special company occasions – such as cocktail parties and awards ceremonies.

Ideal for: Medium to large sized company events, such as presentations, product launches, exhibitions, conferences, and other special occasions.

Capacity: Up to 300 delegates.

meeting rooms first floor century city

First Floor Meeting Rooms

The first floor of the Century City Conference Centre offers 11 elegant meeting rooms for smaller team meetings.

Each meeting room includes free Wi-Fi access, with catering packages and presentation equipment available.

Ideal for: Small to medium sized team meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Capacity: From 10 up to 54 delegates.

Business Lounge

A modern corporate lounge space that is ideal for presentations, conferences, company announcements and exhibitions.

You can also choose the option to have boutique buffet-style dishes and refreshments for your guests and the venue caters for a guest list of up to 80 people.

Ideal for: Product launches, exhibitions, company presentations, and conferences.

Capacity: Up to 80 delegates.

Century City Square

Century City Square is an event venue for very large company events, conferences, and special occasions like cocktail parties and guest speakers.

The square features waterfront restaurants, bars, coffee shops surrounding it, which provide a lively atmosphere perfect for company events.

Ideal for: Large corporate functions such as annual conferences, product launches, exhibitions, and other events.

Capacity: Up to 1004 delegates.

Vin Boho

vin boho cover photo

Vin Boho offers two indoor meeting venues and several outdoor meetings areas ideal for breakaway sessions.

Each indoor venue includes Wi-Fi access, and the premises offers backup power to cover any outages.

Presentation equipment and note-taking stationery are provided along with packages for half day events, full day conferences, as well as short sessions and meetings.

Catering is available on-site, with everything from welcome drinks to light snacks and lunches.

Vin Boho offers venues for all types of corporate events including conference, business meetings, product launches, team building activities, workshops, training sessions, year-end functions, mini expos and executive annual general meetings.

Visit the Vin Boho website to find out more about their professional conference venues and accommodation facilities.

Have a look at their different venue options:

lounge space vin boho

Green Lounge and Blue Lounges

Natural light provided by windows that overlook the pond and gardens. The room also features a fireplace for keeping warm during the Cape Town winter weather.

The space features a natural pine wood ceiling and panel windows provide a beautiful view of the garden.

Ideal for: Small to medium sized conference venues, corporate functions and company meetings.

Capacity: Up to 60 delegates.

patio venue space

Front and back patios

The front patio and back patio at Vin Boho can be used for breakaway sessions, or intermissions for snacks and drinks, with views of the lush garden and tranquil water features.

Ideal for: Open air conferences, presentations, and company meetings.

Capacity: Up to around 60 delegates.

Ruslamere Hotel, Spa and Conference Centre

ruslamere conference venue large image

Ruslamere is a four star hotel located in the heart of the Durbanville Wine Valley.

It has eight, upmarket, fully air-conditioned conference venues equipped with multimedia equipment, great lighting and comfortable chairs for long conferences.

Ruslamere offers 4 main conference packages, and the standard conference package includes presentation screens, flipcharts, white boards, notepads, an overhead projector, sound and speakers.

The rooms are also Webex and Skype business compatible, to match your teleconferencing needs. You can also expect fast uncapped fibre!

The 200 seater Rusty Oak Bistro also delivers a no-fuss approach to Bistro food and wine, using the freshest of ingredients and incredible passion in everything they cook. This provides a great option if you need catering services.

Read more about their conference venues by visiting the Ruslamere Hotel, Spa and Conference Centre website today!

Have a look at their different venue options:

courtyard venue

The Courtyard

A small to medium sized room fitted presentation and sound equipment, as well as comfortable seating and natural wood tables which can be arranged to suit the style of your conference/presentation.

Ideal for: Strategy sessions, executive presentations and boardroom style meetings.

Capacity: From groups of 20-25 delegates, up to a maximum of 45 delegates.

the screening room

The Screening Room

Suitable for larger company conferences and presentations, and fitted with essential presentation equipment, and a large number of natural wood tables and comfy chairs to mold to suit the purpose of your conference or presentation.

Ideal for: Presentations involving a large audience. The room can be rearranged into a U-Shape of Classroom setup.

Capacity: Up to 120 people.

the boardroom

The Boardroom

A venue for executives equipped with yellow-wood tables and comfortable conference chairs.

It’s a great fit for smaller presentations and meetings, and can host up to 8 delegates.

Ideal for: Small meetings for executives, strategy meetings and boardroom style meetings.

Capacity: Up to 8 delegates.

oak view room conference venue

The Oak View Room

Another small to medium sized conference room that’s great for smaller scale company presentations and business brainstorming sessions. Fit with comfy chairs, natural wood tables, and a sidebar for coffees and teas to cater for your attendees drinks preferences.

Ideal for: Business brainstorming sessions, small conferences, presentations and boardroom style executive meetings.

Capacity: Up to 25 delegates.

patio venue

The Patio Venue

The Patio is a great spacious room fit with a large presentation screen to host up to 120 guests.

The wide nature of the room gives it a really open feel and it’s fitted with circular natural wood tables and comfortable chairs.

Ideal for: Larger conferences, presentations and hosting events with guest speakers.

Capacity: Up to 120 guests.

garden conference venue

Garden Venue

The garden venue opens up onto a small patio and the garden, with natural wood ceilings and offering a large, open plan space that’s fit for up to 30-50 delegates.

The natural light creates a crisp atmosphere, perfect for keeping everyone engaged during conferences, presentations and awards ceremonies.

Ideal for: Corporate presentations, conferences, awards ceremonies, networking events and other functions.

Capacity: From 30 up to 50 delegates.

the reading room

The Reading Room

A beautiful small space best for executive strategy meetings and small group presentations.

The style of the room differs from the rest, with crisp tiling, natural wood tables and elegant comfortable chairs for your attendees. There’s also a small bar at the end of the room for making coffees, teas and pouring extra glasses of water.

Ideal for: Executive strategy meetings, workshops and small group presentations.

Capacity: Up to 8 delegates.

Cape Winelands

The Cape Winelands is on the outskirts of Cape Town, and is an area known for stunning views, and wonderful wine farms but also.. amazing conference venues!

Find a selection of conference venues based in areas such as Paarl and Stellenbosch, as well as accompanying accommodation for your delegates when organising events taking place over the course of a few days.

Have a look at our list of premium conference venues, complemented by picturesque views of the Cape Winelands.

The Styling Shed

the styling shed

The Styling Shed is situated just outside Stellenbosch and is ideal for small corporate conferences for up to 35 guests.

The conference venue on offer is an open plan space, with elegant boho-chic style decor in a scenic tranquil location.
There’s free Wi-Fi, a fireplace in winter or for rainy days in Stellenbosch, adding an inviting ambiance and plenty of space for your guests to park.

They offer in-house catering services, but you’ll need to bring your own AV and presentation equipment, or you can enquire and they’ll refer you to a reputable supplier..

They also offer 5 conference packages, ranging from a short time in the shed, to the basic shed and the full shed, which come with different catering arrangements including morning and afternoon teas, and light lunches. They also include note taking materials for your attendees.

Visit The Styling Shed’s website to get in touch and find out more about hosting your company conference in sunny Stellenbosch!

Ideal for: Small company conferences.

Capacity: Around 35 delegates.

Mont Fleur Conference Venue

mont fleur conference centre

Mont Fleur is a beautiful hidden retreat in the heart of the Stellenbosch winelands, providing a great intimate conference venue that’s open 24 hours a day.

The venue opens onto the gardens, and is filled with natural light and a stunning interior feel. Wi-Fi is provided throughout the venue, with catering services on site and daily beautiful baked goods.

You’ll have everything you need to host the perfect conference in a tranquil, inviting setting with accommodation for your team and guests.

Visit Mont Fleur’s website, and send an enquiry with some details about the conference you’re planning to host!

Ideal for: Company retreats and team building, seminars, workshops, and company presentations.

Capacity: Up to 36 delegates.

Ashanti Estate

ashanti estate from the lake

Ashanti Estate is nestled in the Paarl wine valley, featuring incredibly breathtaking scenery and 3 elegant venues for a variety of corporate events and other functions.

Each venue offers a different experience, but they all provide inviting natural like and beautiful scenery for your delegates to enjoy. The estate curates half and full day conference packages, which included presentation equipment and note-taking utensils.

Check out the Ashanti Estate website to find out more about hosting your company conference on their breathtaking grounds and elegant function spaces!

Have a look at their different venue options:

cafe arez

Cafe Arez

Next to the beautiful dam on the estate, including a selection of furniture, catering equipment and bar and a beautiful setting for any seminar, conference or company event.

Ideal for: Medium to large scale company events, conferences, seminars, and workshops.

Capacity: Up to 90 delegates.

le chambre banquet hall

Le Chambre Banquet Hall

This banquet hall space is the largest out of the three available on Ashanti Estate, including nouveau french style furniture, bars, crockery and cutlery, a DJ booth, wine servers and a barista bar (and other great features).

The venue is incredibly tasteful, elegant and will provide the wow factor for every corporate event.

Ideal for: Large awards ceremonies, company presentations, annual corporate functions or seminars with guest speakers.

Capacity: Up to 500 delegates.

v.o vintage room venue

V.O Vintage Room

This space has a chic vintage interior, with stunning views of the luscious Ashanti Estate and dam. The venue is large, and perfect for a variety of corporate events and a tranquil upstairs area.

Ideal for: Large corporate functions, presentations, product launches, exhibitions, and awards ceremonies.

Capacity: Up to 200 delegates.


large venue auditorium

Spier is a leading conference venue in the Stellenbosch Winelands, with an efficient team on-hand to assist you in planning and executing the perfect company conference. 

The venue offers 12 meeting spaces, varying in size and style, which means you’re bound to find the perfect fit for your conference! Whether you seek an intimate venue for workshops or a large venue for a conference or awards ceremony – Spier has it all. 

They also offer full-day and half-day packages, including snacks, drinks, with a delicious lunch included in their full day package. Standard AV equipment including projectors, PA systems, microphones, screens, lecterns, flipcharts and pens, plus recyclable paper for notes are also available. 

If you’re planning for a conference or workshop lasting multiple days, Spier also offers quality accommodation in the form of signature rooms, riverside & garden residences, and suites.

Visit Spier’s website to find out more about hosting intimate or large company conferences in their stunning spaces, complimented by beautiful views and delicious cuisine!

Have a look at their different venue options:

ampitheatre boardroom

Amphitheatre Boardrooms

A set of three meeting rooms adjacent to the main amphitheatre, fit for smaller presentations and executive meetings.

It’s an intimate venue with it’s own facilities and all the essential equipment you will need.

Ideal for: Executive meetings, small group presentations and strategy sessions.

Capacity: Up to 40 attendees.

hotel boardroom

Hotel Boardroom

The elegant boardroom is a convenient meeting place for business guests at the hotel or groups requiring a smaller meeting facility. The boardroom can seat up to 12 delegates and includes an outdoor lounge area.

Ideal for: Small presentations, executive strategy sessions and small private company meetings.

Capacity: Up to 12 delegates.

manor house

Manor House Venues - DeClerque Room

The Manor House is home to three small conference venues, the DeClerque, van Lievens, and Reynolds rooms. Each with their own intimate and unique style and design, these rooms can accommodate between 10 and 25 people.

Ideal for: Perfect for small seminars, workshops and executive strategy meetings.

Capacity: Between 10 and 25 delegates.

medium venue simonsberg

Medium-sized venues: Helderberg, Simonsberg, Stellenberg

Our three breakaway rooms, Simonsberg, Helderberg and Stellenberg rooms, can be used separately or combined to seat 250 people.

These conference rooms are adjacent to the Eerste River, alongside an auditorium and breathtaking views of the Helderberg mountains.

Beautifully decorated public areas are furnished with antiques and contemporary South African art from the Spier Collection. In winter, delegates can relax around fireplaces, and in summer, they can relax on the cool, shaded terrace.

Ideal for: Large presentations, business conferences and company-wide meetings.

Capacity: Up to 250 guests when combining venues.

ampitheatre 440x480

The Auditorium

The auditorium is the largest venue space at Spier, providing the perfect venue for large conferences, seminars, presentations, awards ceremonies and plenty more events.

Enjoy the auditorium’s chic interior feel, complemented by South African art and antiques.

Ideal for: Large presentations, hosting guest speakers, business conferences, awards ceremonies and other corporate events.

Capacity: Up to 430 delegates.

You’ve reached the end of our list!

We hope you’ve found a premium conference venue to suit the purpose of your next conference, presentation, seminar, workshop or annual corporate event.

But wait..

Depending on the kind of conference you’re organising, you may also need to hire a selection of items to set up your event in self-catering facilities.

For this, we’d recommend checking out our conference essentials page, for a variety of items to help you meet your conference’s needs to-a-tee!

You can also send us an enquiry to find out more about hiring equipment, cutlery, glassware, and so much more for any kind of corporate event you’re planning.

We’re here to help, so get in touch!