What is event greening? (And why it’s important)

Event greening is the process of making sure that the planning, organisation and execution of an event is socially and environmentally responsible. This means including sustainable development practices at all levels of organising an event. Event greening starts at the conception of an event, and involves all key parties involved, including clients, organisers, venues, suppliers and contractors. In short, it is organising an event that is environmentally friendly and socially responsible. 

As many as 59% percent of event planners say environmental responsibility will notably affect their events in the future. Which means that if you are hosting events, it is useful to understand why event greening is important.

Why is Event Greening Important

There are the obvious reasons, such as it helps the environment and can help uplift different communities, there are also a few other reasons event greening is important. Those are the following:

It supports local communities

A helpful element of event greening is supporting local economic development. Practicing event greening means that there is a procurement of local goods and services. A result of this is that it provides support to small businesses in the area around where an event is held.

This can go along in supporting and growing the economy for local suppliers.

It helps with efficiency and productivity

A key aspect of event greening is using electronics rather than paper for promotion and administration of the event. This saves a ton of time and paper while reducing litter and waste.

The most time-consuming part of many events is the registration, and checking in of attendees. Which can result in massive lines, much to everyone’s frustration. Using technology can help decrease this time period, and result in a smoother check-in process. That in turn frees up time for those working on the event to focus on other key components of the event.

It is cost effective

Event greening helps increase efficiency which results in lower costs. There are few examples of how this works practically, such as clever use of resources resulting in lower electricity and water bills. Another example is reusing event materials, which reduces waste and avoids unnecessary repeat purchases.

Simple environmentally friendly changes can have a big impact on improving the cost-effectiveness of your event.

It improves the event

As mentioned, event greening can increase efficiency, and reduce costs. This in turn opens up the budget to add extra details to the event, or helps relieve stress during the event organisation process.

Event greening can also enrich attendees experience while motivating the organisational team with a sense of pride. This sense of pride and need to be environmentally friendly can lead to more creative planning which enhances an event’s uniqueness and character.

It makes us better people

Running an environmentally and socially responsible event, feels good, it helps the earth and helps the bottom line. Over and above that though, it helps develop us as individuals into better, more conscious people. Running green events facilitates a space for people to have to solve challenging questions, keep up to date with what is needed to stay green and to consistently look for ways to lower our carbon footprint. This in turn helps develop us to be more critical and intelligent thinkers with a desire to treat the environment better.

Go Green For Your Next Event

If you want to start event greening, and make your next event an environmentally friendly one, a good place to start could be to take a course where event greening is taught. The next best first step would be to use reusable materials at your next event. You can do so by hiring a variety of event needs from EHIRE from linen, to crockery, decor, and glassware

Our products are reusable and can be a part of the process of event greening. If we don’t own a product ourselves we source it from our supplier network at market-related prices, and can ensure that they are environmentally friendly.

We get back to you within 60 minutes of your enquiry, and ensure that you only ever contact one team, view one quote and receive one delivery. Helping save time, to focus on other aspects of your event. Such as it’s environmental impact.

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