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Hire Furniture Bundles

Hire from a collection of living room, dining room and patio furniture sets that make any space stand out. Set the perfect scene for a kitchens and living rooms alike, with sets including cocktail tables and bar stools to plush, comfortable couches, aculpulco chairs, daybeds and arm chairs.

Each collection has a different look and feel, with elegant, tasteful pieces that combine to create a comfortable & elegant functional set of furniture. Whether you’re trying to create the perfect living room layout, lounging area or modern kitchen or dining room space, we have a collection suited to your style, down below.

R4,899.00 incl. VAT
R5,939.75 incl. VAT
R6,417.00 incl. VAT
R575.00 incl. VAT
R1,213.25 incl. VAT
R6,825.25 incl. VAT
R5,221.00 incl. VAT
R6,158.25 incl. VAT
R5,560.25 incl. VAT
R5,462.50 incl. VAT
R4,082.50 incl. VAT
R7,245.00 incl. VAT
R5,980.00 incl. VAT
R5,980.00 incl. VAT
R5,750.00 incl. VAT