Gabi Lowe – The Jenna Lowe Trust

Hello Liz, Gabi Lowe here.

I am writing to say a very heartfelt thank you to for responding so generously to Struan’s request to support our Valentines in the Valley fundraiser for The Jenna Lowe Trust. It was extremely ‘Jenna-rous’ and kind of you; and I believe not all plain sailing either as the request got to you so late! Thank you for being so accommodating and so kind regardless of that.

In total, and only because of generous donations such as yours, the Valentine picnic made just under R250 000 which means that bar unforeseen circumstances we as a family won’t have to do another fundraiser for Jenna until Valentines next year – an inordinate relief and enormous help.

Thank you so much for your kind support  - we hope to repeat the Valentines picnic last year as it was a beautiful and much loved evening  - hopefully next time with no gremlins (such as late ordering! J)

With much gratitude – Stuart and Gabi Lowe